How to make the most of your time in Versailles ?

If you want to make the most of your visit to Versailles, you need to get a private tour guide to visit the Castle and its gardens. To make it an enjoyable moment, work with a private tour guide who can offer you a comfortable tour. If you are in central Paris, you can drive you west to the Palace of Versailles very early in the morning. You can get breakfast in a nearby café before heading to the reserved entrance to meet your private tour guide. Once you are at the gate, you will be given priority access passes to walk right in.

A Tour in the Palace

Once you are inside the castle, you will visit the two-state apartment rooms which include the King’s Chamber and the Council Study. These rooms are the first of the seventeen rooms which get a lot of traffic. After that, you can enjoy the Hall of Mirrors which are an incredible site to view, thanks to the sheer size of the hall that has 357 mirrors on the wall.

The Royal Quarters

Versailles and its gardens

Once you have gone through the amazing rooms in the first few hours, you will be guided through the velvet ropes to the Royal Quarters which are hard to access. You will not get to see the rooms that were favourites to Louis XV and Louis XVI. Some of these rooms include :

If you are lucky, you will be able to visit see the true beauty of the Versailles gardens during the musical garden and musical fountains when they are running, Otherwise, you can view the Gardens of Versailles when they are not running.