Day trip to Versailles from Paris : visit the Versailles Castle in a day

The Versailles Palace is an amazing place to tour. A once in a lifetime opportunity, it offers a glimpse into the greatest French history, royalty, and power. It was the dwelling place of the supreme French Kings and their courts from 1682 to the French Revolution in 1789. It’s located near Paris and about 40 minutes away by train. Below is a detailed guide on how to tour the Versailles Castle from Paris in a day and some cool places to tour.

An excursion to Versailles from Paris in one day

To arrive early and avoid delays, it would be smart to check the train timetable the day before the visit. Ensure that you arrive on time for the Versailles to Paris train. When traveling on your own, you will enjoy the many spectacular features and sights. Here’s how to get to Versailles fast. Board a train at the SNCF station in Montparnasse. You will alight at Versailles Rive Detroit. You can walk from there. The distance is about half a mile.

Must-see in Versailles on a day tour

To get the most experience in a day, you need to visit these famous places within the palace.

The Hall of Mirrors

The hall offers a beautiful sight. There are 17 windows, where each window is furnished with 21 mirrors. These make the building a stunning spectacle with seemingly dispersed light by more than 350 mirrors.

The Royal Chapel

The architecture in this chapel is breathtaking. This is the chapel where Marie Antoinette's wedding was held.

The Grand Apartments

You will have access to the most popular rooms like the King’s Grand Apartment and the Queen’s Grand Apartment. The King's and Queen’s apartments are lavishly decorated and perfectly built for a King.

The Clock Room

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The 250-year-old clock is a technical marvel. It shows time, date, phases of the moon, and is a perfect model of the solar system.

The Gardens

The palace lawns have well-structured flowerbeds, breathtaking statues, and wide lakes. These give the palace a sight like no other. For optimum experience, get an audio tour guide. The guide will help you find your way through during your visit. He/she will give you fascinating stories about the history of the place and help you immerse yourself into the unique environment. Avoid crowded places. These may make you spend a lot of time in one place and waste your day.